For over 20 years soccer has grown really fast in the United States. Today, the dream of playing professionally is not impossible. However, in order to reach that dream you have to have goals and in order to achieve those goals you have to trust and have faith in the process. Within the process there's two important factors, that's consistency and discipline. You keep these key points in mind and put into play, trust that the impossible becomes possible. 

If you dont believe you can do it then you have no chance at all.
— Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger

who we are

Training for Champs is a developmental and techincal program that focuses on the fundamental of soccer as well as the importance of teamwork and academic education. TFC not only helps the players to improve their individual skills but also guides them on the right track for their future as student athletes. Because of the personal level of coaching this organization is able to provide, it is strongly believed the athlete will see detail oriented improvements that may not result from a team environment. With these newly acquired skills, as well as the well connected coaching staff, TFC hopes to prepare and facilitate the athletes' access to college programs.