Twenty years ago if you wanted to play soccer at the college level it seemed very impossible. There was no contacts, no academies, and worst of all colleges wouldn't scout in Miami (still don't) for many reasons. To be scouted by a school is extremely hard. It just seems very impossible to be able to play at the college level. Now all that is about to change. Today, the same things are happening. We want to help as many Miami soccer players that have the same dreams and the same motivation to pursue a college athletic career and continue their eduation.  


Vincio aizpurua - East central college transfer to columbia college (MO)

"I had the privilege of playing soccer with Mike Reyes on different levels throughout my life. We played high school and college level together, as well as amateur leagues in Miami, FL. After playing in HS soccer for Miami Coral Park, Mike gave me a phone call to ask me to try out for his college team back in 2005. Thanks to that invitation, my life changed tremendously in a positive way. I ended up playing one more year with Mike, and then transferred to Columbia College in Columbia, MO where I finished my Bachelor's degree in Management Information System. Making the decision to study while playing soccer on a scholarship was one of the best decisions I have ever made. All of this was thanks to Mike. He has a great determination to help Miami area soccer players to improve their individual skills and also to help them pursue a college career. Soccer runs in his blood and I am sure he will help many people reach their goals while having fun playing the world's greatest sport!"


Johnathan quintero - east central college

"Hello , my name is Jonathan Quintero (28 years old). I want to take the time to formally and cordially thank my wonderful friend and colleague Mike Reyes for the absolutley pivotol and and crucial influence his presence has played in my life. I was playing at the Strike Force fields one night in the summer of 2005 with some friends, at that time a gentle giant came my way. His name was Mike Reyes, he said he was the captain at East central College in Missouri and that he could help me get a scholarship. I was skeptical. After a few days of phone calls I received a call from the head coach Mali Walton and was sent a plane ticket one way flight to Missouri in order to sign my letter of intent, then after offered a full scholarship. Mike's influence was so strong that the coach didn't even need to see me play.  Mike has helped countless other individuals like myself and I feel that your child/son/daughter would never be let down by Coach Mike's passion, dedication, and great personal relationships he has with many of us coaches in the American soccer pyramid."


Oscar vasquez - east central college (MO)

"Michael Reyes. A tall strong striker that played for the same college as me and went on to one of the top collegial soccer programs in the United States. Known for his strength and aerial game, he's a fundamental piece of a team that brings positive criticism. Reyes played professional soccer in Puerto Rico and that taught him a lot. He gained soccer IQ, yet, managed to develop a professional career which can be passed down to the youth of Miami. I've played with Mike ever since I was strong and big enough to compete at the amateur level in Miami, Florida which was 14 years old. As a defender, I loved competing against him since good competition makes you an even better player. Having a comfortable relationship with a coach is a must; and I feel that Mike is the chosen one. His professionalism and skill can be a fundamental to all great excellent players down here in Miami. Mike is probably one of the most optimistic and confident persons I have ever faced and shared a team with. One thing is for sure, I'm very thankful of him for giving me the opportunity to compete at the college level."


Edgar grajales - east central college (MO)

"Thanks to Mike Reyes I got an opportunity to continue my education at East Central College in Missouri. Once there I earned a full soccer scholarship that helped pay for my time there and made the experience so much better. It turned out to be the greatest decision and experience so far in my life. I learned a lot while being there and graduated with an Associate of Arts degree. After 2 years in Missouri I came back to Miami and thanked Mike Reyes for changing my life for the better."